Smuggler's Blues

White Trash Theater Episode 2

Welcome to The Real White Trash of Santa Teresa's White Trash Theater Episode 2, Smuggler's Blues.

Have you ever asked your spouse, or significant other, to have one of his or her children to smuggle prescription drugs from Juarez to El Paso and then to mail them across the United States to Annapolis, Maryland?

Me neither. But, David Pierce has. And Judi Pierce helped convince her daughter Brittany to do it.

Drug addiction is a serious problem. But, if you are involving your children in criminal schemes to obtain drugs and to deliver drugs, you are definitely a low-life despicable person.

Consider how many mothers you know who might be persuaded to convince one of their children to commit a number of felonies in order to resupply their drug stash. Other than Judi Pierce, I cannot think of a single mother who would do such a thing, and I have met some seriously questionable women in my lifetime.

Now consider how many stepfathers you might know who would ask one of their stepchildren to commit a number of felonies in order to resupply their drug stash. Other than David Pierce, I cannot think of a single stepfather who would do such a thing, and some southern stepfathers are notorious for being low rent individuals.

According to my research the audio presented in this video is admissible in court; it was recorded accidentally by my dog and both David and Judi have made statements to the effect that they each understand that outside conversations can be heard and recorded. I designed, created and installed warning signs on all four corners of our property that are two-to-four times larger than required by law property giving notice that we utilize audio and video surveillance. Any audio we obtain is done so legally and it is admissible in court as evidence if necessary.

Our system exists in its current incarnation because of David and Judi Pierce. We originally had a single camera with no audio monitoring our driveway. Circumstances involving the Pierce's caused me to enhance our security footprint significantly.

Let's begin tonight's installment of White Trash Theater; Episode 2, Smuggler's Blues starring David and Judi Pierce. The story you are about to hear is real. David Pierce appears to be in need of controlled prescription drugs that he has no prescription for, and so he has enlisted Judi's help. Judi claims she lied about their prescription in order to convince her daughter, Brittany Smith, to travel to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to obtain the drugs and smuggle them back into the United States.

After arriving in El Paso, Texas with the smuggled drugs, they want Brittany to then mail or FedEx the drugs to their home in Annapolis, Maryland. Enjoy the video.