A Bad Goodbye

White Trash Theater Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of White Trash Theater. What you are about to hear might sound like something from a trailer park but it actually is a middle-class neighborhood in a failed country club development of Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

I want to make clear that I am not denigrating or disparaging people who live in trailer parks. Lots of good, honest, hard working people live in trailer parks. They build and maintain everything around us. I seek to use stereotypes, like white trash, against those who wield them as weapons against others and as "evidence" of their imagined superiority.

So-called white trash exists everywhere and in every neighborhood. If you like to pick on people you deserve public scorn and mockery. Bullying is a big problem in our society. I like to give people a taste of what they dish out to others. It ain't no fun when the rabbit's got the gun.

I also want to point out that alcoholism is not funny. It is not an excuse for bad behavior, either . Being an alcoholic is not a license to abuse others.

Which brings us to tonight's episode. When people drink alcohol a lot, they tend to gravitate toward a good or bad buzz, depending on the mood they are in at the time. A good buzz can be great, and a bad buzz can be horrible, at least for those around alcoholics. I grew up around alcoholics and so I have some insight into alcoholic behavior.

Alcoholics very often experience similar situations in very different ways. They rarely remember drunken episodes, good or bad.

I want to introduce you to the Pierce's. David is an attorney who practices in El Paso, Texas. Judi is a karen who practices in Texas, New Mexico and Maryland. Judi has made great effort in the past several years to convince people that me and my family are undesirable and should not be allowed to live in the same neighborhood as they do. David supports Judi in her endeavors to get rid of us. I submit to you that the Pierce's are some of the worst people I have personally met, ever. This includes the most trashy, low rent people I have crossed paths with in my lifetime.

The story of our experience with the Pierce's is an an ugly truth that needs to be told. First, we'll start off with something relatively light, even humorous, except maybe to David Pierce.

Which finally brings us to tonight's inaugural episode of White Trash Theater; Episode 1, A Bad Goodbye starring David and Judi Pierce. The story you are about to hear is real. Close your eyes and imagine you are in a trailer park somewhere. It is a warm November evening and you have your bedroom window open. As you lie there in your thoughts, your neighbors provide the entertainment for the evening, whether you like it or not...