The Real White Trash of Santa Teresa

Introductory Video

White trash lives in every neighborhood imaginable, from poor to rich. What could be more white trash than parking in someone's driveway hundreds of times? Public urination is solidly in white trash territory as well. Being a karen is as white trash as it gets.

In this inaugural video of The Real White Trash watch as David and Judi Pierce park in their neighbor's driveway and tell their guests to do the same thing for almost an entire year. Judi Pierce has a reputation for being a karen and after watching the video you'll know why.

David Pierce, Attorney at Law, should know better than to treat other people's property as if it was his own, but then again, he asked his step-daughter to smuggle drugs into the United States and then ship them cross-country to Annapolis, Maryland, which isn't altogether a smart thing to do.