A Bad Goodbye

White Trash Theater Episode 1

White Trash Theater Episode 1 - A Bad Goodbye

Welcome to the first episode of White Trash Theater, A Bad Goodbye. What you are about to hear might sound like something from a trailer park but it actually is a middle-class neighborhood in a failed country club development of Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

Smuggler's Blues

White Trash Theater Episode 2

White Trash Theater Episode 2 - Smuggler's Blues

Have you ever asked your spouse, or significant other, to have one of his or her children to smuggle prescription drugs from Juarez to El Paso and then to mail them across the United States to Annapolis, Maryland? David Pierce has. And Judi Pierce helped convince her daughter Brittany to do it. Drug addiction is a serious problem. But, if you are involving your children in criminal schemes to obtain drugs and to deliver drugs, you are definitely a low-life despicable person.

Richard Doyle and his Donald Trump Sex Doll

White Trash Theater Episode 3

Episode 3 - Richard Doyle and his Donald Trump Sex Doll

I don't like Richard Doyle and I oppose his candidacy for re-election for a variety of reasons; he is a liar, he is obnoxious, he improperly gives Association money to his friend Henry Trost, he manipulates Association elections and voting, he is misogynistic and probably a racist considering public statements he has made, at least those in his capacity as president of the Association.